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astrology in mauritius

Astrologer in Mauritius

An astrologer in Mauritius has made predictions about India and many other developing countries. He has said that the planet earth will be affected by natural calamities like volcanic eruptions, floods, tsunamis, landslides etc. The countries that may suffer serious damage are Japan, Germany, China and Pakistan.

Astrologer in Mauritius

He also predicted that a better medicine is expected to be invented for a severe disease like AIDS. Financial crisis is predicted for Mauritius. The industries such as textile, tourism, small and large-scale industries working with the European countries will suffer. 

There will be more people losing employment and this will result in mass protests. The financial crisis may further degrade the society. The acts of robbery, domestic violence and disputes in the relationship of couples will increase. It is better that the government make more severe laws and pass a law in favour of capital punishment. 

Mauritius could suffer a major disaster or a natural calamity. It is predicted to be very hot in January and February and the land may encounter huge floods during the torrential rains in the month of March and April. The health hence will be an issue of major concern for the health ministry. 

Over all the coming year is predicted to be more challenging. It will test the capabilities and strength of the people to an extreme point.


best astrologer in mauritius

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