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astrologer in uae

Astrologer in UAE

A famous Indian astrologer in UAE has predicted that the middle- east is going to see some positive changes during the new Jupiter cycle. The period is predicted to be about twelve years. A well-known Indian astrologer, S. K. Shastri has also supported the prediction and said that citizens in this region will be contributing in building the nation. He has also said that the new cycle of Jupiter that ends in the year 2023 is going to initiate major changes in the world.

Astrologer in UAE

The contribution of the citizens towards nation building is going to increase substantially. A new generation of politicians is going to make countries like India more prosperous. There are going to be major changes in the weather patterns expected in the next few years. Natural calamities like floods and tsunamis may disturb the economies of some countries. 

Though these are just the predictions but still if precautions are taken, severity of the problems can be minimized. It is said that prevention is always better than cure. Some things are inevitable and one can only make sure that proper steps towards disaster management are taken to reduce the severity of impact.


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