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Astrologer in Bhopal

If you are an astrologer in Bhopal or have an interest in astrology then there is an interesting place to visit in Bhopal. It is a unique garden where plants are grown related to different zodiac signs and planets. There are bonsais as well as plants of many rare species that represent the nine planets, 12 zodiac signs and 27 nakshtras as mentioned in the Hindu astrology. This garden is basically to let people understand the proper and logical reason behind everything.

Astrologer in Bhopal

Many people visit this garden to worship these plants in the guidance of priests or astrologers. The main concern behind Devil; ping a garden like this was to increase awareness among the general public About Astrology. People blindly follow the rituals and do not know the logic and reason behind it. In this garden the people are made aware of the logic and provided with the knowledge which the lack.This initiative has been taken by the forest department of the state and is first of its kind. 

Astrology is an important aspect in the life of many Hindu families. In Hinduism, the new-born baby is named based on their horoscope. It plays an important role in making decisions related to marriage, starting a new business, applying for a job and moving into a new home etc.


vashikaran in bhopal

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