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best astrologer in dehradun

Astrologer in Dehradun

Numerology is a part of Hindu astrology as all the calculations are based on numbers. It is a study and understanding of numbers and their symbolic importance. There is a specific number chart where each and every number has its own characteristic, vibration and effect. On the basis of the date of birth of an individual a numerology report is generated to describe what kind of person he is and how his life is going to be.

Astrologer in Dehradun

In a recent event an astrologer in Dehradun explained that with the help of numerology one can gain deeper knowledge about oneself and an idea about destiny. Numerology is the study of hidden meanings of numbers and its effect on a person's life. Numbers play an important role in the lives of the people related to them. Remedial suggestions are given based on the reports generated by analyzing the numbers. 

This science does not belong to any particular religion or against any religion and it does not claim to predict the future as inastrology. This science deals with understanding the patterns of life. With this science the numbers that play a very important role are the date of birth and numbers that are related to the specific letters in the spelling of one’s name.


best astroology in dehradun

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