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astrology in pune

Astrologer in Pune

India has been known for its very important researches and studies done in the field of astrology. There have been great astrologers in this country who have contributed a lot with their researches and studies in this field. Earlier to take astrology as a profession was difficult and only people who had been traditionally doing this got a positive response. It is now a lucrative profession to be in. So, if you want to become anAstrologer in India, you can systematically educate yourself for this profession.

Astrologer in Pune

Recently an earlier ruling by the supreme court was reaffirmed by the high court in Mumbai. The ruling stated that astrology is a science, and can be taught with other subjects in universities. There are various reasons that support the inclusion of astrology in the mainstream science. The major factor is the name itself 'astrology' meaning study of stars. 

Secondly, astrology involves the use of other sciences as well, like mathematics, vocabulary of Sanskrit and Hindi, the diagrams etc. Though the study is still not like other sciences. Last but not the least the terrestrial and celestial events have a strong relationship. The timing of eclipses, high tides, low tides can be predicted. This strengthens the belief that astrology is a science in itself.


best astrologer in pune

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